Under Armor Football Gear

Required Player Purchased Football Gear

The following are required items:  The required gear may be found on the order

Spirit Gear

Lpride Shorts Qty Minimum 1

Lpride Shirt Qty Minimum 1

Game day

Girdle: 1 or 2 will be sufficient this is primarily a game day requirement and may be used during practice. 

Cleats: Predominantly White (acceptable stripes Green, Blue, Black) this is a game day requirement.

Socks: White over the calf this is a game day requirement.

Lpride t shirt: Both Varsity and JV wear the these to our games.

Helmet visors are not allowed.

Leggings, one or two legs, sleeves and or long sleeve shirts are not allowed during the hot weather.  The team will be advised early in the week of game day attire. Please note as the weather changes, we may allow only white two-legged leggings and white long sleeve (both arms covered) shirts. Arm bands, leg bands, ankle bands, necklaces, earrings, rings, or any other jewelry are not allowed in games or practice.

Walk through day Varsity and JV:  We wear the Spirit pack shorts T shirt and Helmet.

Practice Gear

Shorts (girdle not required but can be worn during practice).

T shirt (necessary to prevent chaffing from shoulder pads) preferably lightweight heat controlling fabric this will change as the weather changes.

Cleats (any color).

Arm bands leg bands ankle bands, necklaces, earrings, rings are not allowed in games or practice.

Note: We do not normally hit in practice however players can fall, and additional protection while not required it does prove beneficial. Please reference questions to Coach Hess at coachhess94@gmail.com