Helmet and Shoulder Pad Purchasing process
The Leesville Road High School football program is pleased to announce a new helmet donation program to Leesville road and follows the same program as the shoulder pad program.  We are offering the Schutt F7 Football helmet (#1 rated Helmet in the NFL) in Leesville team colors complete with facemask choice and chin strap also in Leesville colors.  In addition, the shoulder pad donation program returns this year.  In partnership with Johnson Lambe, we have specified the Schutt F7 and several styles of shoulder pads.  The helmets and shoulder pads are purchased by the player and then donated to the school.  The player will wear the helmet and pads while playing for Leesville High School and then the helmets and shoulder pads will stay with the school once the player has left the program.  The helmet and pads will ship to the players house and the price includes shipping or delivered to the school for fitting.  The helmets and shoulder pads will be inventoried by LRHS and a serial number issued specific to the player.  Only helmets as specified, and the shoulder pads are the only helmet and pads approved to be donated to LRHS no other personal shoulder pads or helmets are allowed to be worn.   Coach Hess will measure your player for the Schutt F7 Helmet and shoulder pads. Please contact Coach Hess to arrange for fitting of the helmet and shoulder pads at Coachhess94@gmail.com.  The program will run until 5/30/2021.  The order site is located below.
Helmet Sizing.png

Schutt Shoulder pads/ Helmet Info