Deadline 8/31: Final chance to order a yard sign this season.

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Fill out the helmet form and scan to email: then Venmo to pay $20. Be sure to include players name and helmet in the "what's it for" box. 


 Team MEAL Fees 

On game day, players will eat with the team.  This fee covers water, fruit and sub sandwich and back-up water for during games. ALL PLAYERS MUST BRING A WATER BOTTLE FILLED on GAME DAY.  This fee is for the regular season only. 

Payment of $25 per athlete is due by 9/2.

We will be accepting Venmo (see below) cash and check.  Please read your Weekly Football Families email on how to pay with Cash or check.


Venmo $25 to 

Leesville Football


Please add your players name and number when you Venmo. 


Hold your camera on phone over the QR code to be taken directly to Venmo. PLease add your players name in the "What's it for" box.6