Leesville Road Football provides an option for Junior Varsity and Varsity players to purchase a pre-game meal plan that will cover the entire regular season (10 games). Normally the cost for the meal plan is $110.00 per player but thanks to a generous donation, from our proud sponsor Providence Baptist Church, this year's meal plan cost per player is only $35.00 and is passed along directly to the player/parent. Leesville Road Football makes this option available as a convenience to players and parents to reduce stress on game days and to make sure our players are properly fed prior to their performance. Leesville Road Football also arranges for volunteer parents to be present for assisting and serving your player's meal.

Meal Plan Information:

• Players receive a catered meal from our preferred caterer, Catering by Design, at 3:00 pm on game days. 

• Example meal comes with Chicken Alfredo Pasta, Caesar Salad, Garlic Roll, Fruit, Dessert.  Drinks are provided and  will typically be Gatorade and water.

• Playoff games are NOT included in this order and will be placed once game dates have been established.

• If your player does not purchase the meal plan, they may bring their own meal to eat prior to the game but  REMEMBER THAT PLAYERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE CAMPUS ON GAME DAYS. 

• Players who do provide their own pre-game meals should keep it cool with an ice-pack 

• Please note that purchasing this pre-game meal plan is not a team requirement and is provided as a convenience      only. 

Payment Information:

 ❏ Full payment option: $35.00 Due no later than August 26, 2016

 ❏ Payment Method:  Drop Cash or Check off at the coach's office.  

    Make checks payable to:  Leesville Road Football Families(please note your player's name in the memo)

 ❏ Credit Card (3.25% service fee applied) Click here to make payment online.