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Wingate Camp Information:    


*Each Family is asked to bring a case of bottled water or bottled Gatorade and a snack item (individual packaged items). These will be kept in the dorms to be consumed between practices/meals.


  • Depart from Leesville High- Stadium/ Murphy Area

  • Report Monday July 8th by 11:15am, bus leaves by 12pm.

  • Eat Prior to Arriving; next meal will be at Dinner around 5pm.


In addition to work out clothes, socks, athletic shoes, etc:

  • Sheets/Blanket (Players will sleep in Twin Beds)

  • Pillow

  • Towel for showers

  • Other Bathroom items (Soap, toothbrush, etc…) *Chaffing Powder and Foot Powder recommended.

  • Dorms are equipped with free washer/dryers- bring detergent if needed for socks/Underwear.




(We will practice on both Turf and Natural Grass Fields)

  • Helmet, Chin Strap, Mouth Piece 

  • Shoulder Pads, Practice Jerseys

  • Spirit Packs

  • Laundry Clip (Wingate will wash spirit packs/Jerseys between practices)

  • Cleats

  • Ankle Braces or other misc. items

  • Tennis Shoes- in case we get moved inside because of weather

  • Water Jug to stay hydrated at practice and in the dorm.



  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (All Meals: Buffet Style- main course with salad bar/ sandwich/dessert line)

  • Bring Snacks and Drinks as needed, we will not leave Wingate Campus.

  • We may be able to order Pizzas for after night practice- Bring a little cash if interested. Sign-up at dinner.

  • Last meal served is Breakfast Thursday, we will practice afterwards, pack and leave- we will provide the team lunch on the way home.


  • Players are expected to behave & follow the rules set by Wingate University and our staff. Players that cannot follow the rules will be sent home (Parents will be responsible for picking up their child) and are subject to removal from the Team. 

  • Players need to sleep in assigned rooms. 

  • Absolutely no Alcohol, Tobacco or Drugs. If found, this will result in immediate removal!


  • Naps are recommended!

  • No Swimming in Pools!

  • Phones are to be kept in dorm rooms only. Phones are NOT allowed in the cafeteria/ at practice and meetings.  Use this time to talk to your Team.

  • We hope to return to Leesville Thursday (7/11) at roughly 3pm. 

  • Schedule is full, with little down time. 

  • Limit packing valuables.

  • Players will be given a Room Key and Meal Card. It is the player's responsibility to NOT LOSE THEM!

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